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Even for the most seasoned bartender wine can be an intimidating proposition. Between the many countries, regions, varietals, and production methods, the age-old beverage was known as “wine” is vast and varied. Tradition and pedigree have long permeated promotional messaging with Terroir, Cuvaison and Bouquet being thrown around like catnip for avid oenophiles. And while wine connoisseurs light up at the mention of a vertical wine tasting of Piedmont Barolos to show Nebbiolo typicity, the rest

Spotted on Spotify: Behind-the-Sounds with Cloudy Bay

With tastings and in-person interactions on hold for the moment the wine industry is turning to unique ways of engaging with its current and new consumers. Cloudy Bay, the iconic Marlborough New Zealand winery has created a sensory, meditative journey through its vineyards and winery with its Spotify playlist called . “The Sounds of Cloudy Bay’s nature-inspired soundscapes were created to pair with and heighten aspects of our Sauvignon Blanc. Listeners are transported to the natural, calming a

Chandon’s American Summer Brut to Remember

Labor Day and the end of summer comes barreling towards us while we are still trying to figure out what happened to May. Those long summer nights are fading fast and all we are left with are memories of “the summer of COVID” when we discovered a new way of doing just about everything. Years from now you can scroll through your feed and remember when, but as a professional imbiber we believe there is nothing better than an empty bottle to bring back a good memory. Chandon’s limited edition 2020

Top 5 Places for Drinks Lovers to Stay

The pandemic has us grounded and that dream vacation is way, way on the backburner. But #goals are important, so set your sights on a drink destination. As it turns out, there is a hotel that caters to almost every libation. Check out some of the coolest places to sip and stay. Even non-sherry drinkers have heard the name Tio Pepe. Last month, the 185-Year-Old Sherry producer unveiled Hotel Bodega Tio Pepe, the world’s first Sherry Hotel. Located in the Old Town of Jerez, Spain the 27-room bou

Work of Art Wine Bottles: Maison Perrier-Jouët

Wine labels today are a far cry from the classic Old World style where the only imagery is a pencil sketch of a stately chateau set on a hill looking over the vineyards. On occasion you’d find some grapes or other landscape, but nowhere near the bold graphics and color palette you find on today’s shelves. There is one classic producer that early on viewed its bottle as a canvas for beautiful imagery intended to catch the consumer’s eye and turning the bottle itself into a work of art. Maison P

Learn the Basics About Italian Wines

Chances are, if you’ve worked in a bar or a restaurant in the last few years you’ve poured a glass of Italian wine. Italian wines are the number one imported wine into the United States, coming in at a whopping $1,332.42 million in 2019, just slightly ahead of France. With over 466 documented wine varietals, it is not surprising that Italy was once known as Enotria, from the Greek for “wine-producing land.” With 466 varietals it can be hard to know where to start when faced with a table of wid

We asked Liza Meli of Bar Meli how to create the perfect wine list

Developing, mixing and tasting your way to the perfect craft cocktail menu is fun and exciting. Putting together a wine list is fun, exciting, overwhelming and stressful all at once. Developing an INTERESTING wine list can be outright painful—and we are not referring to the headaches you may endure after numerous tastings of “interesting” wines that are a little out there. Today the U.S. wine market is bursting with great selections of quality wines, so next time your wholesaler comes knocking

Four bartenders tell us their go-to wines and why

They shake, stir and create cocktails to delight our taste buds and sometimes even these true spirits advocates reach for a glass wine. We asked four bartenders what their go-to wine escape is. While true mixologists at heart, it is clear that there is always a time and place for wine. Life behind the bar gets hot so at the end of the evening, Charlie Keyser, bartender at Cast & Shaker in Wellington, Florida pours himself a cold and refreshing crisp Sauvignon Blanc. But his go-to wine is red a

Celebrate National Rosé Day this Saturday June 13

In certain parts of the country every day is Rosé day, as the pale pink liquid flows freely from sunrise to sunset and beyond during the summer months. Yet somehow it took Swedes to officially launch National Rosé Day in the United States when Swedish Rosé house Bodvár, introduced National Rose day back in 2014. Americans have been raising a glass to this summer staple ever since. The category has seen tremendous growth over the past years and what used to be associated with the “ladies who lu

Love it or hate it, Celebrate Chardonnay Day!

Chardonnay is the wine Americans love and love to hate. According to Beverage Trade Network’s 2019 Wine Ratings, Chardonnay is the second top varietal sold in the United States with net sales worth $2,549 million. With these kind of numbers, it’s good to have some basic knowledge. May 21st is National Chardonnay Day so we opened a few bottles to honor this golden juice. Whether you love it or consider yourself part of the ABC Club it’s time to embrace this versatile grape. We’ve broke it down f
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